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  1.     What is a hackathon? 


A hackathon is an intense brainstorming marathon where people with different skills gather together, exchange ideas, form teams around the best ideas and develop prototypes over the course of 48 hours. The brainstorming sessions are well structured, and the teams are helped throughout the weekend by world-class mentors.


  1.     Who can participate? 


This event is open to anyone who wants to make an impact, learn new skills and/or step into the tech and entrepreneurship world! 


  1.     How is the event organized? What’s the program?


The event will take place from October 28th to 31st and it’s 100% online! We will use tree time zones: GMT , UTC , PST. 


1st day You will get to choose a time zone based on the challenge you’ll work on and your team members. You’ll connect with other attendees via Discord.

2nd day With your team, you will have to come up with a pitch on your idea, and it will be published on our website. You will pitch via Streamyard and send your pitch presentation via google form. 

3rd & 4th day For those who will make it to this step, you will be assisted by our mentors who will help you develop your project into a prototype and submit.

5th day Techfair, time to talk with your next boss. 


  1.     What challenge can I work on? And how do I get into the event?


You get to pick a challenge from the list below:


Americas (UTC-7):

– How can we protect indigenous culture in a sustainable way from the actual consumption system ?

– How can we discern and protect ourselves from fake news?

– How can we transform our processes to create greener services/products, while continuing to meet growing demand?

Europe  / Africa (UTC+2):

– Due to the last crisis we had and still have to consume masks and gloves. How can we avoid the massive pollution wave which is coming?

– How to free expression in countries where the population is subject to censorship?

– How can we reduce our consumption at a worldwide level ?

Asia / Pacific (UTC+8)

– How can we promote access to technology for people from minorities?

– How can the supply chain be made more transparent?

– How to fight against the resurgence of medical deserts


You can participate by signing up on our website (look for the “I AM IN” buttons). Complete the information needed and pick the challenge that inspire you the most. Don’t forget to pay attention to the time zone!


  1.     How do I join a team? 

You can register with your own team/company, or you can create a new one with the other attendees.  

  1.   Do we need a developer?


No, you don’t need a developer or to be a developer. You can participate without knowing how to code and use no-code tools to develop your prototype. And you can meet developers at the event during the 1st day. 


  1.     Any rules regarding the projects? 


Your project has to be scalable and meet a real need. Everything has to be digital – respect data security and keep in mind you only have 2 days to come up with a prototype! 

You can build your idea from scratch or a new feature for existing tech, both are welcomed.


  1.     What about intellectual property?


Anything you create is yours. DFCHack has no business in reclaiming any of your ideas!


  1.     How can we get the help of mentors?


We have gathered numerous mentors who will be there to help you on your project. They will animate workshops linked to the challenges on Discord. We will communicate a timetable with all planned live events right before the beginning of the hackathon. Follow us on social media to discover our mentors! 


  1.     How does the selection work?


There are two selection stages. The first one happens right after the pitches: our jury will pick the best ones to continue the journey. The second selection stage is at the end of the hackathon: the jury will choose the winning projects. Follow us on social media to discover our juries! 


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