Diversity for crisis

Hackathon 2020 - Online


The world is ill. Let’s cure it together.


1000 People


28th - 31st october


50 Innovators

What is it all about ?

3 Sign-up,Solve,Save

A hackathon to save us all : this is our goal. #DFC wants to create a global impact through unique projects that rely on diversity. The world is currently in a state of constant crisis, and needs OUR best to survive. This is why we are launching this hackaton. Bringing together people from all around the world, brainstorm and come up with great ideas to make an impact are our main goals.
No matter if you are a student, company, agency, investor, university, or even a non-profit organization : we need you to produce a change.
This global event is 100% online and will take place on 5 days using two time zones : GMT & UTC. You are requested to come up with the best idea to one of our challenge and try to win a prize !

How to get involved ?


Join as Mentor

We’re looking for superhero mentors and volunteers to help our problem solvers find their way to success. Are you in?

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Work in team
Entrepreneurs, (wannabe) startuppers, students, creators, IT specialists, politicians, companies, project managers: you are all invited to join the change!
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Support the initiative
#DFC is a volunteer effort to change the world. Every step together counts. You can decide to donate, invest money in the winning projects, or partner up and offer some valuable assets for us.


West Coast (GMT): :

How can we protect the indigenous culture from the current consumption system in a sustainable way?

How can we identify and protect ourselves from fake news?

How can we transform our processes to create greener services/products, while continuing to meet the growing demand?

East Coast (UTC): :

How can we avoid the next foreseen massive pollution wave?

 How can we promote freedom of speech in countries where the population is subject to censorship?

How can we reduce our consumption at a worldwide level?


Let’s make it work and save the world. 

We want to work hard to make sure our solutions are implemented and you know about it.

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Days 1

Choose your team

Connect to the Hackathon Discord, apply for the project you are interested in, form your team and spread out to the world !

6 – 10 pm 

Days 2

Work on your pitch

The hackathon starting at 6pm, you will have the evening to create THE pitch that will allow your team to continue the adventure.

6 – 10 pm 

Days 3

Work on your project

It will finally be time to develop your idea! You will have the chance to be accompanied by a team and qualified mentors! 

10 h am – 10 pm 

Days 4

Submit your project 

Submit your final project and wait for the jury decision to see if you have won one of the awesome sponsor prizes !

10 h am – 8 pm 


People behind the 3s challenge

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Partners & Sponsors

& Startups

From entrepreneurs to developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers – all of our 1,000 attendees are looking to stay on top of the latest trends, use our cultural difference has asset.

Sessions & Workshops

Learn from the best innovator from Silicon Valley and overseas with different world-wide time zone how to anticipated and hack crisis.

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