DFCHack Rules

A global diversity hackathon

Select your challenges and your time zone 


– How can we protect indigenous culture in a sustainable way from the actual consumption system ?

– How can we discern and protect ourselves from fake news?

– How can we transform our processes to create greener services/products, while continuing to meet growing demand?


– Due to the last crisis we had and still have to consume masks and gloves. How can we avoid the massive pollution wave which is coming?

– How to free expression in countries where the population is subject to censorship?

– How can we reduce our consumption at a worldwide level


– How can we promote access to technology for people from minorities?

– How can the supply chain be made more transparent? – How to fight against the resurgence of medical deserts

$25,000 in prizes

 DFCHack Winner
  • $10,000 USD Cloud Credit 
  • 30 min. virtual meeting w/ Techstars executive
  • Blog post featuring the winning 
  • Free 1-year BubbIe plan
 Best Europe/Africa – Challenge Project 
  • $5,000 USD Cloud Credit 
  • 6 Month of Incubation at KEDGE Entrepreneur 
  • Blog post featuring the winning app
  • 30 min. virtual coaching w/ rise up conseils  
  • Green Finance Price : ( Value around $2000 )
 Best Asia/Pacific – Challenge Project 
  • $5,000 USD Cloud Credit 
  • 3 Month of Incubation at INCUBATEIND.com
  • Blog post featuring the winning 
  • Free 1-year BrAIMS plan
Best Americas – Greater Good
  • $5,000 USD
  • 3 Month of Incubation at M-Accelerator
  • Blog post featuring the winning 

Submit the following assets:

  1. 28 Oct : Submit a 3-minute pitch  video (on hylo). 
  2. 29 Oct : Submit your pitch new version (on hylo).
  3. 31 Oct : Submit Your business plan , Your Executive summary and Your video.
  4. 01 Nov : A way to access your working application for judging and testing by providing a URL


Punit Jain

Co-Founder IncubatedIND

Angela Bee Chan

Co-Founder Hackathon International

Dave Bell

Co-Founder Hackathon International

Michelle Kwok

Co-Founder Flik

Abou Kone

Co-Founder AKIL Technologies

Matthew Divack

Senior Partner Moment Ventures

Camilla Olson

Co-Founder Savvitude

Dominic Norton

Co-Founder Hackathon Entertainment

Tharamaroa Troconis

Co-Founder BRAIMS

Taryn Andersen

Co-Founder Impulse4Women

Marie Frochen 

Co-Founder Rampuplab

Alessandro Marionanti

Co-Founder M-Accelerator

Rohit Sardana

Co-Founder IncubatedIND

Julien Dupont 

Startup Manager KEDGE Entrepreneur

If you need any help contact us on the support channel : #support on discord

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